The word ‘akira’ is prevalent through different languages and cultures, but its’ definition differs amongst each dialect. In Arabic it means ‘light or intelligence’, in Hindi it means ‘graceful strength’ and in Japanese it means ‘bright or clear’. These definitions reflect the ethos and identity of AKIRA.

Our vision is to build a brand that will bring people together, intertwining cultures and blending them, using fashion as the tool and implementing it into our lifestyle. We are steadily growing as a community and are always looking for new innovative ideas that will grasp our philosophy.

We are built of an idea that hopes to bridge the gap between Eastern culture/fashion and modern fashion, by combining elements of both to produce synergistic results. Using faces from all parts of the world we wish to diversify fashion from the norm, as we are all capable of great things but not all of us have a platform for such feats.

Each launch we have will bring forth innovative designs and concepts, pushing the boundaries of allowing culture and fashion and fitness to merge together. Each item you see will have been designed by our team and brought to life with the use of high quality resources.